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About us

what we do for over 7 years


“LD MONTAGGI” was born in January 2010 in the form of SNC becoming SRL in November 2011. The company has its registered office in Monopoli (BA) and its technical organization, management and administration makes it able to cope with all the needs requests for orders regarding change-refurbishment of railway vehicles (railcars and carriages) and bus, thus operating in sectors such as: construction, mechanical, automotive, carpentry, saldatura (alluminio), repair and Revamping.

From 2009 to 2010, LD MONTAGGI S.R.L. has performed at the BB Bari Srl the complete revamping of the railways Appulo Lucane (Bari). The same activity consisted of carpentry and painting of diesel railcars, besides making RO activities (regular audit) of Z1 carriages (Intercity-Trenitalia) on behalf of Bombardier Transportation.

From 2011 to 2012 LD MONTAGGI S.R.L. played at the Sitav S.p.a. of Piacenza, on EMU V250 trains produced by AnsaldoBreda , the introduction of CDM changes and the preparation of the train to the acceptance by the end customer (Netherlands- Railways Belgium).

From 2012 to now he works regularly at industrial sites of FERROSUD customers of Matera and ANSALDOBREDA of Pistoia, currently known as HITACHI RAIL ITALY SPA which performs various types of processes for the foreign market on the V250, on regional trains including TSR behalf of TRENORD and on high-speed trains like ETR1000 for the final customer TRENITALIA. It is also engaged in in-service activities for STADLER MERAN and STADLER BUSSNANG.

Strength points

LD MONTAGGI S.R.L. has been appreciated for professionalism, quality and timeliness of tha staff in carrying values, also supporting HRI staff in troubleshooting activities during commissioning and following the commissioning of train service. LD MONTAGGI S.R.L. stands for the passion that transmits to their work allowing you to create a reality up to our most demanding partners. .

The experience, the knowledge of their own cultural and professional resources and their potential, allow “LD MONTAGGI S.R.L.” to consider realistic the prospect of becoming a company of reference in the railway sector, always aiming for excellence and full customer satisfaction that can be guaranteed for work tomorrow.


L.D. Montaggi S.r.l, pursues the highest standards of quality and customer care in offering their services, achieved by internal improvements achieved with the development of a culture of Quality and recognizing the constant respect of the commitments and the exceeding expectations are a permanent requirement.

Therefore, in carrying out its tasks and in accordance with the general growth purposes in the market competitiveness of the L.D. Montaggi S.r.l has implemented and applied the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 after issuing certification by the certification URS Italy Srl.
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La L.D. Montaggi Srl has obtained the Certificate of Competence Management System in accordance with the provisions of the COCS DT/Trenitalia n. 20 rv e n. 30 rv:

  • ensure compliance with the provisions of the Plans and Maintenance / repair / overhaul, provided by the client, to demonstrate the traceability of the maintenance carried out;
  • ensure monitoring of compliance of the parts used for the execution of maintenance operations, both those newly acquired ones who repaired;
  • ensure the management of documentation (eg. transposition of the received technical documentation, updating, distribution to their staff, etc …);
  • ensure the use of personnel in possession of authorization granted pursuant to the “Rules for the ANSF personnel qualification”;
  • possession of a Competence Management System (SGC) to ensure ongoing maintenance of the ratings.

download-pdf-certificazione-ld-montaggi-srlCertificato RIINA

Certification ISO 3834-2

The LD Montaggi S.r.l. has obtained the ISO 3834-2 certification which certifies the management of the manufacturing processes of welded constructions. It is a certification that can integrate the 9001 when it is applied to the builders of metallic carpentry.
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Certification EN 15085-2

In the field of manufacturing by welding of railway vehicles, the EN 15085 standard undoubtedly has a fundamental importance on the international scene; it contains a significant amount of shared knowledge and is therefore representative of the technological level acquired in the sector of application of the standard itself, at national and international level.
It applies to the design, manufacture and maintenance of railway vehicles and their components.

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