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SITAV S.p.a. di Piacenza

It has performed at the SITAV S.P.A. in Piacenza activities of setting up (installation interior paneling, seats, tables, luggage racks, etc..) and underbody assemblies.

Stadler MERAN – Marghera (Ve)

It has performed c / o the yard Stadler in Marghera (Venezia) replacements rubber compressors, CDM smoke sensors booth application coupler headphones on FLIRT carriages.


It has performed c / o the yard Stadler in Merano platforms assembly and suspensions restore cart carts of GTW convoy.


Performed c / o the yard TRENORD in Piove di Sacco activities in a mechanical assembly and service of TSR carriages, including:

  • Removing and installing trolleys
  • Assembling diesel engines
  • Decoupling motor / generator etc..


Currently engaged c / o the yard of AnsaldoBreda Spa (HITACHI RAIL ITALY S.P.A) of Pistoia, for assembly work, mechanics, body shop and carpentry of convoys:

  • ETR1000 : drilling case and application inserts, painting doors of the cab and bench, assembling welded parts imperial application pictograms, Dime, painting loose parts.
  • TSR : doors assembly, welding (assembling imperial interventions), the paint shop work, mechanical assembly (repulsion traction)
  • IC4 : touches of paint shop
  • VIVALTO : construction, finishing touches of painting
  • EXPO’ : repairs and painting
  • ETR 500 : Restore mounting “curmudgeon”

Activity BB BARI

Has held at the BB Bari Morotti Group S.r.l. based in Bari, the complete revamping for Railways Appulo Lucane (FAL) and ordinary revision (RO) of Z1 carriages.

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